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Our high quality grills are exactly what your public or private hangout area needs. Nothing gets family and friends together like a grill out. Be sure to ask about our options to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want from your grill. 

Standard Grill

Campfire Grills with High Heat Powder Coat

  • offers 360 square inches (20” x 18”) of cooking area - includes 8” x 18” Back plate. It features a 4-position grate, 2 3/8” pipe base Bolted to Grill. Grate is 18" x 20" and is coated in a heat-resistant powder coating.


2-3/8” Round Steel Tubing, 11 ga. Steel Plate

  • Surface mount - pole is 30.5” in length and has 12” plate with 4 holes to anchor and plate to bolt grill on

  • Inground Mount - pole is 48.3” in length (17.8 in cement in ground)

High temp. Powder Coat (Grill, Grate and Pole)


Prices do not include shipping  

No installation

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